I’m an Automotive Illustrator who loves researching and illustrating absolutely any Vintage or Classic Automobile, whether it’s a cycle, steam engine, tractor or a race car.

I’ve grown up seeing my father spend three decades painstakingly restore and collect the most magnificent Classic Cars and Bikes, from scratch. Watching him patiently source and assemble automobiles that have literally arrived in shambles, some even in gunny bags, has most certainly inspired and made me proud.

To me, they’re more than just cars, bikes or cycles. Like our grandparents each of them have a story to tell. Each car is a reflection of a particular era, the people, their lifestyles, the culture and so much more.

Through the years, I’ve realized the importance of preserving these cars and keeping their stories alive. So Classic Chase is a medium through which I draw Classic Cars and Bikes and create merchandise with these prints. Every design is a little sneak peak into my love for these beautiful machines and their stories. 

This is the journey of my Classic Chase and you’re most welcome to be a part of it.